Brio Push & Go Racer.

Brio Push & Go Racer is an awesome little toy for little kids.

PineappleExpress (3).jpg

The Racer is a little red race car, perfect for small ones with big imaginations. Letting them learn and chase the toy around. The toy has a little race car driver sat in it, that when you push down- the wheels move to make the car zoooooom away!

If your child is anything like Miyah then watching and chasing a toy car round is the highlight of her day. She loves anything that moves or makes noise so this is the perfect thing.


The toy is made really well, and the paint and design is so amazingly done. The colours are so vibrant, and we have had no problems with the push and go. The wheels haven’t got stuck and that is always a bonus. We have found a lot of the time, after a lot of use (which a lot of kids do with toys) the wheels can get stuck and be very hard to use after.

The packaging was minimal which is always a bonus in my eyes, there was bare minimal plastic. This toy is perfect for your little ones!

You can find the BRIO Push & Go Racer on Amazon for £15.99.

Until next time,


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