AppleYard Flowers Review.

For a while now, we have been decorating our house to make it feel more like a home. We have been getting little bits here and there and although we still have a way to go, we are content with the pace we are going. Appleyard contacted me and kindly asked me to review their flowers and I just couldn’t say no.

Appleyard is a a florist in London, that makes gorgeous bouquets for any occasion. They also provide plants and a subscriptions for people who want to always have a bouquet. They have lots of different occasions, from birthday flowers, to get well soon flowers.

I received the bouquet ‘Purity‘. It is a gorgeous big bouquet of different white flowers and leafs and more. It comes perfectly boxed, upright with a nice bit of tissue that’s wet to keep them fed.


The box came with the feed for the flowers a little gift message and the instructions on how to properly care for the flowers. This even comes with pictures and this helped me so much, I always learn  better when I can see what is supposed to be happening instead of just reading.


The flowers their selves are gorgeous. They are so bright and the bouquet really lights up the room. They last well also, and I always struggle to keep flowers alive. My mum helped me arrange the flowers as  am rubbish and they look amazing on my tablet with my vase from Melody Mansion.


I really do love these flowers and I do recommend ordering from Appleyard for fast delivery and gorgeous flowers.

Thank you so much Appleyard for sending me these flowers!

Until next time,


I was gifted this bouquet for an honest review. All opinions and views are my own and true.

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