Puzzlair- Escape Rooms Review.

On Sunday 12th of August 2018, we went to PuzzLair for the morning!

PuzzLair is a LIVE escape room, where you have 60 minutes to complete the mission and get out!


We arrived at Puzzlair around half 10, and was greeted with warm welcone. To the right there was a huge wall with writing all over, with the rules on and to the left, was a mini game, to get you started. The mini game, is a unit with different cupboards and draws. There where locks and clues everywhere to get you to the last place. After a good 10 minutes, we got into it and found a sweet surprise at the end!

We was talked through the rules and how things would work, What we where to do, and not to do. We was shown to the room, and was told a quick brief about what the game was about (The Cold War. We had to stop the bomb, and get out in 60 minutes) after listening to a recording of the brief, which explained in more details. After that, we where off. There was a screen, which told you how much time you had left, and if you ever got stuck for too long (which we did a lot!!) a hint would appear.


Time in that room goes so much quicker! 60 minutes is nothing in there. Making sure you work hard as a team, trying to solve the clues together and get it done in that is hard work. It really tests your skills for working in a group! The whole time was filled with everyone running around frantically and everyone talking over each other.

Overall i bloody loved the morning, and i would definitely do again. It is an amazing experience. In the future there will be more rooms to explore and more things to work out!!

Here is what my friends, who came with thought of the experience:

Sheana: What an experience! Me and my partner really enjoyed the game, made it even better doing it as a group with our friends. We found it challenging and fun! I really enjoyed how it made us think and work as a team. We are already planning our next visit, personally I highly recommend Puzzlair.

Remo: I really enjoyed the cold war theme, the layout was great and I really felt like we was in the game. Although we did need hints I think we all worked well together and I would recommend any group of friends to do this, it was a great laugh. Looking forward to going again and trying another challenge.

Matthew: What a day! I would highly recommend this place to any family or group of friends that want a day out! It’s a great brain thinking game! Gets you going! We had a great welcome from the host aswell!

Thank you so much Puzzlair for letting us have this experience.

Until next time,

Becca x

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