Back To School Essentials

Going back to school, is always different than going to school for the first time.

The first time, especially for the first child you want to make sure they have everything! You push the boat out! The second year on the other hand; you know what the school expects and more of a knowledge of the right and the wrong things to send them in with. I have prepare this guide, for the Back To School Essentials you will definitely need for you and your child!!

Lets get started!

Everyone needs a decent hair brush, and you know how it is with kids and getting their hair brushed, it can sound like your ripping their hair out so a detangler brush is the perfect way to go! JoJo Siwa Hair Brush from Hair Secretz is the hairbrush for your kiddies. Its easy on tangles and looks so pretty so will make any child say yes to a new do!


Is your child a worrier? I know I am, and so can Rosie be at times. A Worry Eater is the perfect thing for your child to express their worries. I remember in school, I would hesitate to tell my parents out of shear embarrassment. Betti The Worry Eater is the perfect way to get around that. Put the worry eater in place suitable for your child to write their worries on a piece of paper, and the teddy will eat it. Making all their worries go away, and hopefully making them feel better. Perfect for school.


If your child takes packed lunches to school, Funky Pigeon do some perfect lunch boxes and drinks bottles. Every child wants their own, perfect stuff to show off at school. Funky pigeons lunch boxes and drinks bottles, are the perfect design and made so well. Rosie has the unicorn set and she loves it so much! They are perfect for your kiddies.


Shoes are so important when it comes to school. You need something that will last, and wont make you skint at the end of it. School shoes can be really hard to get, and finding the perfect ones that you don’t have to buy new ones 3 months later can cause major stress. Make sure you do some research before purchasing some shoes, and always look at the reviews.

Name tags! Name tags are SO important when it comes to school, you need to make sure everything is labelled. It can be such a pain in the arse, when your child comes home saying they have lost their jumper and you remember, you forgot to label everything. School essentials are so expensive,  but My NameTags provide cheap and cheerful name tags that work the charm! I used them last year for Rosie’s first year at school and they are still going strong now! Check out their website to see their tags.


What are your back to school essentials?

Until next time,

Becca x








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  1. best back to school essental is always a good water bottle for us! kids drink so much water!! I love that bag!! its so cute

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