PrintKick Cheese and Wine Set.

PrintKick is a small family owned business, that provides items for people who want to buy in bulk, for example for work, and parties. Obviously there are items that you don’t have to buy in bulk, but you get what i mean!

When I had a look through their website, honestly I struggled. There is so much to choose from and in the end I chose their Cheese and Wine set. I myself, can’t resist a nice cold glass of wine, and I am a huge lover of  cheese, I just couldn’t resist. My father in law is the same, so I decided to let him try it too and he will be giving some feedback also at the end of the post.


The set came in a gorgeous wooden casing, it looked amazing and gives the set a good look. The lid, slid out on one side, and there was also a little dip in to put your finger in to help you pull it out. In my own personal opinion, the lid was a little loose, and could have been a tad bit bigger to help it stay in place. Inside, there was a:

  • Cheese Knife,
  • Waiters Mate,
  • Cheese Slicer (Not sure of the name)
  • and a Metal Cork


This set is perfect for a gift, or even to add to your collection. Each item is made really well, all the items are sharp enough (the ones that need to be anyway haha!) I am really impressed with this, and I do recommend this for anyone, or a gift for anyone who you know that loves this type of stuff.

Karl’s Opinion:

This 4 piece cheese and wine accessories gift set is presented in a nicely crafted light wood presentation box. The sliding lid moves freely with the aid of the dimpled recess at one end.
Inside; crafted wooden handles for the cheese knife and shaver match the tone and grain of the box. Both with strong metal dowels for extra strength and rigidity, which hold the stainless steel blades throughout the handle.
A good quality ‘waiters’ cork screw, finished in brushed stainless steel accompany a chrome plated bottle stopper with increasing in size rubber seals to accommodate just about all sizes of wine bottle. All the items are individually recessed for ease of access.
In summary; a good quality item which will be well received by any cheese and wine enthusiast.

Until next time,

Becca x

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