Betty Box Subscription Review. & DISCOUNT CODE.

Betty Box is a subscription box for teens!

Betty Box is the first UK subscription box for girls on their periods. This box is to make girls less scared and more prepared for their periods. Each box you can customise the date it gets sent to suit you, and also choose whether you would like tampons or pads., and choose absorbency and size. This is too make you more comfortable and happy.

Each box has different things to make your time of the month a little more bearable. The box contains a ‘For Now’, ‘For Now’ and ‘For Later’. The for now is some pads, and some pantyliner’s in a cute little drawstring bag, to not make it noticeable for them. Separating the boxes are a great way for girls to know what to use, when to do it.



This months box included:

  • Mint Tea Bag
  • Hand Cream
  • Sour Watermelon Sweets
  • Face Mask
  • Highlighter (make-up)
  • Coffee & Coconut lip scrub.
  • Mini beauty blender.

If you ask me, this is a lot of stuff, even for the one off £12.99 a month. If you choose to do the 3 months or 6 months you can get some cracking deals on saving money. What was lovely that each box is contained so not even the postman knows whats coming for you.

I think this is perfect for girls, and perfect for dads to get their girls when they are not quite that sure how to help. Each box is packed with information and guidance, taking the what why and when out of periods. Perfect hey! All the explanations are perfect getting these girls ready for whats to come.

For the perfect pick me up,

For the perfect pamper,

For the perfect monthly box,

Betty Box is the way to go!

USE ” BB20 ” for 20% off your subscription. 

Until next time,

Becca x

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