Phoenix Fitness Yoga Mats.

I have recently started Yoga, and Yoga at home, on the floor was okay till I tried Phoenix Fitness’s products.

Phoenix Fitness sent me some amazing yoga products to review and I am honestly mad with myself that I didn’t get these sooner.

They sent me 1x Yoga Mat & 3 Yoga Bands.

I have just recently started a bit of yoga a few times a week to relax and get a little exercise in. Yoga has really started to help me relax and it has definitely helped me with my mental health. All the calm breathing and meditation that I do afterwards has helped me go to my happy place.


When I was gifted these products, I knew straight away my experience would be 10x better. From going from yoga on the bare floor to a really comfy mat was the experience of my life. The mat folds up, and that is so amazing for storage and especially when you have kiddies around. It also has a handle, that you can use to carry it if you are going to the gym or too a class.

The bands, are amazing and can take your relaxing yoga session to a work out session. They are super stretchy and you get 3 of them in different colours. I really enjoyed trying them out and trying different yoga sessions out on YouTube.

Thank you so much Phoenix Fitness for letting me review these items. I really enjoyed it!

Until next time,

Becca x

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