Wicked Uncle Big Kidz!

Wicked uncle is a huge online store for gifts! They have recently made a Big Kidz section and we was asked to try some stuff out!

Pacific Scuba Diving

Big Kidz, is a section for people ages 13-103! Michael and I are big kids and we couldn’t say no! The website is so easy to navigate round, and even if you are looking for a specific age, or gender; they have sections ready for that, so you don’t have to do much digging.

I just clicked Big Kidz, which takes me to a age with all their items on, for the bigger kids. I must admit; it did take me a reaaaaallly long time to choose what we wanted and in the end, we choose our items.

Wicked Uncles prices are fair too. They are not costing you a crazy bomb, but neither are you getting very cheap prices. The products are amazing quality, and we loved having them. So.. do you want to see what we got?


I will start with what Michael chose. Michael is crazy for anything new he can try. Especially PopCorn! Michael picked the Strawberry Cheese Cake popcorn to try and he was not disappointing. for roughly £5, you do get a large amount and its in a resealable bag just in case your not like Michael and eat the whole bag at once.





I know, I know, Rosie isn’t 13 yet, but she was watching us pick and we came across the Emoji Light Box set and she fell in love! She was shouting and begging and of course, i couldn’t say no. This light box is amazing! Although is takes 6 x AAA batteries, when all the letters and Emojis are in it, it looks amazing- and we now have a very happy Rosie!





Lastly, I picked something me and Rosie could do together for a date night. Her school fete is coming up and i am making a cake for them. I thought that this would be perfect for us both to do together. We both love cooking, and we both love cakes, So whats not to love? I also admit i was slightly (too much) addicted to Candy Crush and Rosie knows it haha! I am so excited to see how this turns out. It comes with literally everything you could need to make a cake! This is a Rainbow Cake Set!





I am loving the Wicked Uncle Website, and I do recommend you go and have a look! It’s perfect for up coming birthdays and even Christmas!


Are you a Big Kid at heart? Let me know down below!

Until next time,

Becca x

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