Brio Stacking Clown!

Biro Stacking clown is a good way for children to learn their fine motor skills.

Brio stacking clown, is a very brightly coloured clown, that is separated into pieces to stack on top of each other. Even if your child is 1 or 5, the stacking really helps both ways. Each piece is amazingly coloured, and big enough for the fine motor finger and thumb motion. The wood is amazingly made to make sure there are no little splinters nor are any parts sharp! Something I always worry about with wooden toys.


The clown comes in a box that shows you exactly how it is meant to look. Kids can copy from the box as they learn to stack. But to start with watching your little ones just stack is always nice to see. Once you take it out the box, it is fully stacked and gives the children and good laugh tipping it upside down and watching all the pieces fall off.

We really enjoyed playing with this toy, Miyah loves practising how to stack them on, although she struggled in the past, she is now brilliant at it. She’s even started copying me on the colour coordination! Overall we love playing with this, and everyone has a good time with it when we play. It’s so much fun watching her learn and play at the same time!


Thank you Brio for letting us test this product!

Until next time,

Becca x

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