Piccolo Toddler Foods.

As Miyah has grown up, we have tried really hard to try her with new foods, and foods we wouldn’t normally try.

Piccolo, have a range of toddler foods that are great for kids not only exploring new tastes, but new textures too! They have amazing ingredients and this gives your child to explore whole new world of tastes and textures. DSCN4443.JPG


How can we get our children to appreciate the true taste of vegetables, fruit, grains, pulses good quality fats and meats? The Mediterranean approach to eating is at the core of our recipes, and we want our children to love them as much as we do. We want to make sure we can get the best ingredient and have done a bit of searching to make sure we are getting pretty tip top ingredients and building sustainable livelihoods for our farmers while doing so too.

We received:

  • Different pouches, which are Miyah’s fav! You can read about them here: Piccolo
  • 2x Pots: Quinoa with Vegetable Ratatouille & Baby Pasta with Sweet Potato Bolognese.


Miyah loved both pots, obviously after getting used to all the new tastes and textures that she was having. I tried them and to be honest, I Would eat them! & I don’t think you will find many parents who will say that about baby food!

Each pot, you Microwave at 750 watts for 1 Minute, if you have a higher wattage Microwave, It will be less time. With thorougher mixing, the pot will be cooled down enough. Miyah loved feeding herself with the pots, but she also loved having mummy or daddy feed her too.

The pots are a perfect size for a toddlers tea time meal, it isn’t too much, nor too little (depending on how much your toddler does eat.) and its easy for them parents who are on the go and need a quick fix.

The meals provide amazing flavours for your amazing child and Miyah absolutely loved eating them. Something we will definitely buy in the future.

We would love to say Thank You to Piccolo, for working with us again! We love all your products.

Until next time,

Becca x



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