Rosie, and her hospital trips

It may not be much a secret, that Rosie has a few problems with her health. It all started when she was around 1.

When Rosie was one, she got a chest infection and the doctors would fob me off saying it was a virus. For about 6 weeks Rosie got a lot worse and finally in the new year of 2014 Rosie was admitted to hospital. Day after day they gave her antibiotics and different medication plus oxygen; they did and x-ray and found infected water on her lungs. After medication and recovery we was home after a week.

From then, Rosie has been in and out of hospital till earlier this month. Every single time for a week at a time; on oxygen and nebulisers. She would miss home and school, asking when should be able to go and play. She would have to stay in bed for days at a end and it honestly breaks my heart.

In Dec 2016, Rosie was sent to HDU (High Dependency Unit) because her stats would not stay up to an acceptable level. I was promised that they would do more tests and finally figure out was going on. At 24 weeks pregnant with severe SPD, I slept on a recliner chair praying that they would help her. The put canulas in her arm and was filling her with different meds. All while i was being told it would help… it didn’t. after being in hospital for over a week, we was sent home with the same meds, the same answers as when we came in. We have has countless doctors appointments to be told the same thing, ‘Its asthma.’ but for a child to not be able to hold her sats properly and to be told she isn’t allowed to run around at lunch time at school, isn’t normal. I wanted answers.

A couple of weeks ago, we where admitted again, but this time to a different hospital hoping that their second opinion would help her.. show us something the other hospital didn’t. Although we didn’t get an answer, we where treated better and told different things than before.

I had a lovely doctor come and talk to me, and honestly saw how hurt i was that this kept happening. She explained she was sorry there was nothing she could do. Then, i heard the words i guess needed to be said. After 3 and a half long years:

“She will just grow out of it”

You know when someone is being completely honest with you, no matter how hard it is to say it and how bad you don’t want to hear it? This is what this doctor did to me, and told me the truth that she would just grow out of it. With medication, they could prolong the attacks and after a while they would just stop.

We have waited 3 and a half years, 3 and a half years of us begging and crying, breaking down and showing pure signs of nearly giving up for the words. She will grow out of it.

It may not be what we want to hear, i guess we wanted to hear that they could do something to fix it all and to make it all go away, but it can’t and it wont. We have to ride it out and hope for the best.

Not the outcome we would like, but at least we now know.

Here’s to hoping.

Until next time,

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  1. Lucy At Home says:

    My daughter has rare medical needs too and it’s so important to have doctors who you can level with and who will take the time to really investigate. I’m glad you’ve finally got some hope in this situation and I hope she grows out of it quickly #blogcrush

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  2. How frustrating and heartbreaking for you all. I hate being in the situation where you hear what you need and not what you want. I hope she grows out of this quickly as I can only imagine the strain on your family’s spirit and finances this is causing! Stay strong!

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