My Personal Office Wants!

I would love to have my own office one day, and im here to share what I’d love for my office to look like.

I am sure everyone who doesn’t have an office, has wanted one and has got the ideal space in their mind. I have always wanted my own little space to be able to write and do my thing. Somewhere to just sit and relax for a bit before facing reality. I have always pictured something white, and pastel pink- something you would find on pinterest. My dream office space doesn’t have to be large, nor does ti have to have a lot of things but i know exactly the type of things i would like in there.

Firstly i would love a basic IKEA Desk, i love how simple this is, and the storage is just right for what i would need, i love the pure white colour, and would fit well with my colour scheme! Although i would probably change the knobs for the draws and doors to a more pastel pink colour.


To go with the desk, I would need a very comfy and stable chair, to put up with all the weird positions i like to sit in, and it also needs to deal with my weirdness. I love to push myself across the room and glide on the chair. Please say im not the only one! Furniture At Work provide lovely chairs which can do all that for me, and it looks good too!


I love knic knacs and storage stuff way more than any normal person does. I love to make my area pretty; without looking cluttered and messy. I would love a storage unit like the one below, to keep all my pens, and stationary in. Its so pretty and i love the colours!

download (3)  I would also love small things like paper clips and paper weights to make the area look pretty. I mean, I don’t think i can ever tell you a time where I have used a paper weight, but i love the look of them without a doubt. (Now i know that the picture below is a balloon weight but don’t shoot me, i want something LIKE that! haha!) I would also love some paper storage boxes to sort out all my paperwork as there is a looot! More than the average person.


Lastly i would love to have fairy lights (exactly like the ones pictured below) to be everywhere around my desk to light it up when i don’t want the big light on. Sometimes just working in a dim light is better for me than lighting up the whole room. Some fairy lights have a softer and more dim light than a normal light anyway, which makes the atmosphere better!


Do you have a vision of how you would like your desk area? Let me know below.


Until next time,

Becca x


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  1. Mummy Cat says:

    id love to have an office one day, somewhere i can shut myself away for a few hours and get work done! love that desk x

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  2. I have an ikea desk, and I must say I love it! It’s simple yet really functional.

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  3. I love that basic ikea desk! I would love to have a desk with a lot of drawers 🙂

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