HEXBUG Review.

I’m sure you have seem the HEXBUG , me…? I sing along every time! Do you?

HEXBUG is a small little creature that when turned on, it scurries around the room! The toy vibrates making it move. It moves on smooth surfaces and is quite fast.

We received our HEXBUG and naturally we wanted to test it straight away! We all sat round the table and watched the little thing go! Naturally Rosie loved it and giggled the whole time, watching it scuttle around the place, and trying to make sure it doesn’t fall down on the floor.


The HEXBUG we received is a small black one, with a switch that is easy to turn on and off. I can see how more than one, on a little course for races. I personally would love to see that, so im definitely going to get more for Rosie.

I would definitely keep this little bug out the way of your smaller kiddies. It is very small, and I would hate the thought of a little babe to choke.

When looking on the HEXBUG website, you can find lots of additional products you can get to to go with your HEXBUGS, plus different types of HEXBUGS. Make sure you check out their full range.

Until next time,

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