Admiral Mens Beard Grooming Trio PLUS DISCOUNT CODE.

Here he is again! Michael with another review! Enjoy!

I received an Admiral beard grooming care kit, in the trio is a beard wash, a deluxe conditioning beard balm and a bottle of beard oil. It came well packaged in a blue box with a see through window at the front displaying all products.


The beard wash smells beautiful (which frankly is what you want when its right under your nose),  but for me as I rarely grow a beard out as it irritates my skin, I grew it out to test the product, but personally it would suit someone who had been growing for a few months rather than the few had before I had to shave.

The beard conditioner made my face feel smooth and from Becca’s point of view she felt a difference in my face and had no problem giving me a kiss even with a beard (she always refuses to give me a kiss when I don’t shave, im “prickly” she says) so its a massive improvement from me.

Now the oil was not for me in one bit, but none the less I tried it, I can see how others may like it but i really didn’t like it, it just felt like I put a lot of cooking oil all over my face, so unfortunately I don’t have anymore to say as it came off my face quicker than I want to get out of work on a Saturday.

I also received a hair matte clay and a face scrub, now because I don’t do my own hair styling Becca has been doing it, it has a nice texture, easy to apply but you have to rub in more than you expect as it leaves a white residue. it feels quite light in the hair and its always malleable ( i think this is a slightly bad point having a 1 year old she likes to flatten it so it needs to be put back up again) but I would buy it again and would recommend you buy it for your partners (if your a female) or yourself (if your a bloke).

And last but not least the face scrub that I received, I find it is great, you can feel it working on your face and it has the what I say as bead thingys (i have no idea what they’re called) but because of this it has a rough texture (Becca’s add in: To exfoliate), The only big downer I have is I feel like its in the wrong packaging (the bottle), it is in a push top bottle (like liquid soap) and its viscosity is way too thick to get up the tube and as a result you cant push the top down so you have to open the lid and scoop it out.

Thank you for reading my post and thank you to Admirable for sending these products. I  will be writing another shortly when I have the free time.


For a 25% off your order on,use the discount code BECCA25! Until next time,

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  1. This sounds like a great set!

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  2. Rosie says:

    Perfect easy buy for me for Father’s Day! Yesss they’ll love it!

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  3. Mummy Cat says:

    sounds like a lovely set, facial oil can be a hit or miss, sometimes its lovely, great review x

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  4. Britt | Alternatively Speaking says:

    This looks like a great little gift set, perfect for Father’s Day! Thanks for sharing
    Britt |


  5. Kelly—Anne says:

    Oh his looks so good and I’m sure this would be perfect gift for my dad.

    Kelly-Anne |

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  6. This sounds like a nice set, especially with fathers day around the corner


  7. caitylis says:

    Thanks for the coupon will come in handy!
    Much love, Caitylis x x


  8. This sounds like a great product! My boyfriend would love this x

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  9. This sounds like a perfect Father’s Day gift!

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  10. This looks really nice, but my hubby doesn’t grow his beard!


  11. This is such a funny idea to get your other half to write a post! Shame some of the products didn’t work for you!


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