My experience with HMRC.

As many of you probably know about HMRC, im here to talk about how amazing they where when they helped me.

My Dream Home Improvments. (2)

HMRC Revenue & Customs has a lot of departments to help a lot of people and it helped me when I moved into my first place 3 years ago.

Me and Michael talked about needing our place, not only for us; but for Rosie too. She had always been in a room with me, and she was around 2 nearly 3. It needed to happen because she was getting to big to be sleeping with me. I also felt that staying at home wasn’t good for us anymore so we looked into going on the council list and getting our own home.

One of the first things we did was go onto the HMRC website. We needed to find out who to ring to see what money I was entitled too. At the time Michael worked, but I was told Iwas entitled to a little bit of money myself to help out. I checked out the calculator and we rang up to enquire about housing.

We had tried a few people before to help us move and no one seemed helpful. Giving us false hope and wring information. Then we tried HMRC.

We where on the phone call for at least 2 hours, sorting everything out and I cannot begin to tell you how helpful they was. I’ll tell you, I have had phone calls where the have rushed you, got the sole purpose of the phone call, done, then left. But not this one, the lady on the phone (who I wish, I could remember her name but this was 4 years ago.) helped us so much. She told us what we would need, how we need to do it and any questions we had; she answered. She sent us phone numbers to ring, people to contact and places to go to help us move. I have never felt more prepared and by the end of it all, we came out confidant.

We moved into our flat and thanks to the HMRC, and that very kind lady it wasn’t long at all before we had our own little place to be our family! It was amazing and to this day I am always grateful for the help they provided to get us to that place. Now 3 years on they still help us from time to time and are amazing near enough every time!

Do you have any experiences with HMRC? let me know below!

If you every need help with finding numbers that would help you reach the correct person from HMRC, then have a look at TALK TAX. They will direct to the right person who can help with your enquiry!


Until next time,


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  1. I’m happy you had a great experience ❤


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