Making Pinterest Muffins!

Scrolling through Pinterest and I saw these Apple, Banana and Carrot muffins and i just thought, why not? I would I not try this for Miyah? She is still learning about tastes and textures, and this is something I never tried this sort of stuff with Rosie.

On the Saturday we did our shop and I got all the ingredients. Although I was a bit stupid and forgot the Apples, so i thought why not mix it up? I added blueberries in it’s place. I felt this went really well so i wanted to share my pictures and progress with you!

Firstly I cleaned all my sides down, gotta love a bit of zoflora!


I then laid all my ingredients out so I wouldn’t be going back and forth to get things in the middle of baking! This always makes me feel so much more organised.


I started with peeling and grating the carrot into the boiling water to cook the carrot!


While I was waiting for that to cook, I added the fruit to the bowl and mashed it up!


I then added the rest of the wet ingredients and mixed all together!


I added the carrots (I forgot to picture! sorry!) Added the baking powder which made it go frothy?! which was odd haha and the flour!



I added all the mix to muffin cases and added a blueberry on top for decoration, baked for 25 minutes and they where perfect.


They where a huge hit with Miyah and she loved them! They where moist, and fluffy on the inside. Miyah has eaten them all, and they are a huge hit! Rosie even tried one too and that is a big step!

To see the original recipe, I have linked it at the top of the page and if you enjoyed this please drop a like so i know to share my recipes in the future!

Until next time,

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  1. these are fantastic! I love how they are also dairy free too!! Im going to share them with my friend whos little girl cannot have dairy x


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