Now that Rosie has started to learn to read, reading before bed has become even more magical for us. Instead of me reading to Rosie, she is now reading to me and i can promise, all you parents who haven’t got to this stage yet; It is perfect. Having this gorgeous little human you made, read you their favourite stories is just amazing and it will forever fill my head with love and pride that she is learning to love books just as I do.


We received some lovely children’s books in the post and Rosie was very excited to try these out. She is always looking for her next book that she hasn’t read a thousand times!ย  We received three different books which is amazing! and even looking at just the front pages, it does catch the eye. Lovely pictures and pleasing for little ones to look at.


The books are not ‘easy reading’ books, the do have a few lines on each page and would be excellent for more advanced readers. Or just the perfect book for you to read to them if they can’t quite manage it. I don’t want to give away the books, but all 3 are about the best friends Bobby & Morph as they meet new people and go on amazing adventures, along the way they learn new things like being comfortable in your own skin and being polite.


I think these types of story lines are perfect for children because it helps them with their own adventures into learning these things and because it’s in a book it instantly make Rosie ask 100 questions about it. Even though 1000 questions can get boring to us, its amazing that she is thinking about the story lines and what they mean. It really makes them learn.. but in a fun way!

Rosie loves these books and we are so grateful to receive these amazing books. They are available online on AMAZON and in store at WATER STONES! Grab your copies now.


Until next time,

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