Things I thought I would never say when becoming a parent.

Becoming a parent is a crazy time, hormones everywhere and all your love (and love you didn’t know you had) going into this tiny human you just made. While they are so small and dainty, you have no idea some of the crazy things you would say as a parent.

Miyah is just over a year old now, she’s just started walking and started to slowly say different words. Now, to her this is all exciting and she is in everything! Plenty of times I’ve had to say “Get out from under the sink Miyah!” or “Put down daddies slipper! They are smelly”.

But lately I have been saying some things that I have never in my life, thought I would say!

Recently Miyah has been a tad blocked up. We have been trying lots of things to try and help her go but nothing seemed to work. Then today, she poo’d! To non parents, this may seem so strange to be talking about your child’s toilet habits but after a doctors appointment and many days of crying and pain, she went!!!

I changed her bum, had a cuddle while happily saying “yaaaay! you poo’d! yaaay!” then went to text my mother in law & my partner. Something I never thought I would ever do is send a text to people saying:


Yup, I did that.

Here are some things other parents didn’t think they would be saying!

Sarah from Mummy Cat Notes:I never thought I would suggest McDonald’s for lunch!!”

Louise from Pink Pear Bear: “Don’t roll that sausage around on the floor with your foot with your socks on please.”

Kim from The Blog Genie “You’re going to be pooing glitter!”

Nikki from Yorkshire Wonders: “We don’t play with our willy whilst baking.”

Rachel from Coffee, Cakes, Kids: ‘No, your willy is not a sword.’

Cara-Marie from MyBump2Baby: “Did you poo? Have you just pooed? Is it a smelly one?”

Sara from Jodhphurs For Maisie: “If you don’t behave you will have to go and sit with daddy at the poetry reading.”

Lottie from The Haymans: “No Daddy is not a buffalo…”

Jo form Cup of Toast: “Please don’t clean your jumper by licking it…”

When you became a parent, is there anything you didn’t think you would saying, but you have? Leave it in the comments below.

Until next time,

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  1. “Put down daddies slipper!” – This made me chuckle so much, kids are so random and funny! Love these posts that you do where you get quotes from other people 🙂


  2. Haha! Oh there are so many but I can never remember them! These are great though, love the pooing glitter one 😀 #LGRTStumble


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