The transition from crib to bed.

This is going to be scary time, for both you and your little one. This transition usually happens at around the age of two, give or take a few months. You need to make sure you’re picking the right time for their safety for one. If they’re in a crib at the minute, but somehow they’re always climbing over and getting into your room, then you know it’s time. If they’re still too small to even attempt to get their leg over the bar, or even know how to, they’re too young. When you do feel as though they’re ready, we’ve got some tips that should help you make the transition a little easier.


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One Day At A Time


This is so important. You’ll often find that within the first few days they’re running around as fast as they can desperately trying to get back into your room. It can often be the early hours of the morning until they finally settle in their own bed for the rest of the night. So, if you take it one night at a time, and don’t pressure them to spend the whole night in there straight away, things might work out better for you both. For example, you could say if you fall to sleep, when you wake up you can come into mommy and daddy’s room. When they do, let them sleep in your room for the rest of the night. Then you can gradually introduce the whole night. The main reason they’re always waking up is due to fear of the unknown and actually being alone, so a night light might be the best option for you to try and keep them calm.


Their Own Room

We’ve spoke about going into another room, well, it should be their own room where possible. If they’re sharing with a sibling it can create feuds that will keep them up all night. Not only that, but they other sibling might also try and keep them up later now they have someone to play with. Their own room is going to be so much more relaxing for them. You can get some awesome kids beds from Cuckooland that they will love. If they have a say in what bed and style of room they have, it might encourage them to stay in it for even longer! Make sure it’s as comfortable and relaxing as possible. Rather than just your average night lamp, you could get on that projects images onto the wall or ceiling for them to look at. It can be rather therapeutic and help them sleep!



Routine is so so important if you want to try and get them to sleep in their own room. Getting bathed and put into bed at close to the same time every night will help them to relax into bed, and it’ll help them get used to the fact that they are sleeping on their own. Reading them a bedtime story as well to try and help them drift off to the land of nod is a wise idea.
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