My First Patch Review & Giveaway!


Have you ever had a toy that you was attached too as a child? Or had a little habit that you couldn’t shake off? I have to had the duvet or blanket on my face when I go to sleep. I have to have the blanket in my hand and it on my face to be able to fall asleep.

Miyah is exactly the same, she has to have the blanket up by her face, arms tucked in and bum in the air, being a mum (a very protective mum at that) i get very nervous about this We have been using light weight and very airy blankets to make sure she can get enough air and it isn’t restricting her. Now, I feel my worried can be put at ease, even if it is a little bit. I received this gorgeous My First Patch Teddy for Miyah and it is gorgeous.

Miyah loves to snuggle into the teddy and I don’t blame her for a minute, It is so soft and so comfortable. It is the perfect size for little fingers!


The teddy is incredibly soft and I love that it is a dog shape. it is very appealing for the younger ages and even Rosie loves to give it a good cuddle. The teddy is perfect for those little imaginations. It is very soft andย  the blanket is stitched on very well so it doesn’t look like it will come off easily.

Because we love this teddy so much, we are giving away one, to one very lucky winner! To win this gorgeous Patch Teddy. Enter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway T&C’s.


~UK entries only, Sorry!

~Winner has 1 week to claim and send me details, before a new winner is drawn.

~Details will be sent to the company, i will have no involvement in shipping or timings it shall arrive.

~You must complete ALL steps provided to be eligible for the draw.

~Give away starts on Friday the 13th of April at 8:00am, and will end on Friday the 20th of April at 11:59pm.



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