Things I Want! (Beauty)

For some time, I have had a mental wish list of what I would LOVE to own myself.. so I am going to share with you what I would love!


Jeffree Starr Highlighter.


I have wanted this highlighter for a very long time now. I have heard some amazing things about this and cannot wait to get one!

Chloe Ferry Pandora Rose Glasses.


I need a decent pair of sunglasses for ages, and I have just fallen in love with these. The colour is gorgeous!

bobbi boss crochet locs


I don’t know what it is about wigs, I am always looking at them, thinking what ones would look good and what ones wouldn’t, but I am in love with this one! I would love to be able to put on new hair, and be a different person for a day!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance.


I am in love with this pallet! I would have all of ABH’s brand if I could!


Do you have anything on your wish list?


Until next time,

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*All images are off google, unless hyper linked.*

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