My Spring Cleaning Routine

As we come up to spring, we all feel like a good de-clutter. Well maybe just me. I find I always hoard in the winter, I don’t know why. I don’t know if I ever will know why… but I do it anyway. I always find my wardrobe is stuffed with clothes that I wont be able to ear in a few weeks and I find my house is filled with things to keep you snuggly and warm. Now this will be a problem when heat comes because instead of snuggling up, I feel like I need to push everyone away so I won’t sweat to death.

I will be going through my daily cleaning routine with you, with what I do and why.

I start the day usually at 5:30am, first thing i do is bring all the washing down from the night before and put it in the basket. I will turn the tumble dryer on for a last spin to help get some major creases out of the clothes and make a cuppa before the kids get up.

When the kids have got up, and they are both fed and dressed, I will do the pots, fold the washing and put the wet clothes in the tumble dryer. Proceeding to put a new load on, because hey! Washing never ends. Once the kids are ready for school; I will do the school run.

When home from the school run, I will get home and put Miyah for her nap and start to pack away all the toys that was thrown around earlier. Once that’s done, I will pack away the washing up and head upstairs with the clean washing. I pack that away quietly while Miyah sleeps and then head back down stairs where I bleach every side in my kitchen. I open some windows, but only a smidge because otherwise my kitten will run away.

Miyah will probably wake from her nap about and will have lunch, leaving a huge mess everywhere. This is the reason why I haven’t Henry Compactyet. While Miyah has her dinner, I will usually have a bit of my own- but once I had done that I would wash up the pots again and clean the kitty litter.

Usually by this time, I will hoover using my Henry Compact. This hoover is so powerful, and I hoover the whole of downstairs then get Miyah ready to leave for the school run. While she is sat in her pram I chuck most of the toys on the floor back in their original spaces and we pick Rosie up.

By the time 4:30pm comes, dishes need to be cleaned and better yet even more toys need to be picked up. We chill until Michael comes home around 5:30 and then the girls have a bath. I am usually thinking of a mental list of other things to do when the kids are in bed. Once the kids are in bed, I will wash up dinner pots, clean down the sides and do a bit more of the washing and then pack away any remaining washing and go around with the hoover again while picking up toys on the way.

This is what I do, tidying wise in my daily routine. Now it is actually written down and have sat there looking at it it does seem like so much but when im doing it; it seems like a breeze.

Do you have a daily routine that you stick too? Let me know below.

Until next time,

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  1. I am not that organised at all. I just leave it as long as possible before I start worrying about the health risks, and have a cleaner come for 2 hours a week to keep on top of the core stuff – kitchen & bathrooms, floors and bins mostly! #lgrtstumble

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  2. Your house sounds very clean! I think my problem is I never get up at 5:30. I have a sort of routine, I put on the washing first and then sweep the front hall (the dogs sleep there so their hair is everywhere at this time of the year). After that I sweep around he fireplace, then I tackle the kitchen. Rest of the day anything can happen!! Now my kids are bog enough to help with the washing and dishes it’s very handy. #LGRTStumble


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