Baby Wings Review


About The Company.

Baby Wings. Baby things born with your baby at heart… Combining quality, function and funky design, Baby Wings make baby things that babies and parents both love. Baby Wings was founded by Mike Jordan and Hugh Zhang (Hugh is a woman by the way, and Mike is a man) with the sole aim of creating baby products that simplify parenthood through brilliant design. They combine the talents of world-class product developers and engineers with a customer-focused design philosophy. The results are fun and functional products that simplify your life by saving you time and making both you and your baby happy.

What I Received.

I received 3 dummy clips from Babywings. 3 beautiful unisex dummy clips.

My Review.

Me and Michael have always been weary of dummy clips. I have read some awful horror stories on them ad it has always made s anxious, but now she is bigger and crawling around everywhere she has to always has to have her dummy near her and the easiest way for that is the dummy clips. We have tried a few brands in the past and have not got on too well with them. I think we have only ever had 1 dummy clip that we got on really well with and Miyah has managed to loose it and we have no idea where it came from. Baby Wings dummy clips are perfect for us. The clip doesn’t clamp too hard, and the fabric is amazing. It is woven perfectly and it is strong. They are washable which it great so that we can wash them when Miyah gets them dirty. Overall I have never felt better with a dummy clip. With the loops you can clip almost anything on to it, weather it be a dummy or a teething ring to a blanket, it can hold anything.

Thank you so much Baby Wings for gifting me these amazing dummy clips.

Until next time,

*I was sent these in exchange of a honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. If you would like to work with me, please drop me an email over at *


  1. Dummy clips have always been my worry too, I found some wonderful fabric ones online but i still worry, i will save this back for when I have another baby and in need of more important dummy clips!

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