Why I Wore My Baby.

Since having Rosie, and learning all about being a mum I started finding out different things that parents did. I started finding out about things like breastfeeding in depth and different ways of weaning. Since growing with Rosie and growing myself as a mum I have learnt so much and I thought I would share my experience with baby wearing.

When i found out I was pregnant with Miyah I had so much I wanted to research everything. One of the first things was baby wearing. I spent hours, laid feeling my darling baby kick, imagining all the times i would be cleaning or cooking while having her hugged close to me. I wanted everything to do be done perfectly.

While I was pregnant, I couldn’t afford to buy a wrap brand new, but there is a perfect little shop in my town and there was a lovely black wrap going at a respectable price. I was so happy and ran as fast as my SPD ridden hips would let me home to show Michael. I was so excited for Miyah to be born.


Since her being so tiny, we couldn’t use the it for a while, my tiny 5lb 9oz baby was swamped in it. When she got older we started using it a bit more and honestly it was such an amazing experience to have her so close. I loved breastfeeding with it and it made life that little bit easier. I read so much on baby wearing making children ‘clingy’ but I found this has just helped myself and Miyah have a bond like nothing else. She isn’t clingy nor does she want to be held all the time. But she still enjoys cuddles before a nap and will come to me randomly while playing for a cuddle.

When Miyah was small enough to be in the wrap, whilst getting Miyah in the wrap with her daddy, we found out (and felt very dumb we didn’t realise before) that Rosie could sit in the back while Miyah is that the front, she loved this and although the weight wasn’t quite balanced it was very fun for the little while she was sat in too.


We now, use a more stable carrier for her, and I use this if I want to get the school run done quickly or I have to just pop to Tesco. We prefer this one now she us bigger as it is more comfortable for her & for myself.


Do you baby wear? I plan on baby wearing for number 3.

Until next time,

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  1. Brilliant post, I didn’t wear my first two babies, but I think as I will have 3 under 3 this October, I will have to wear this baby! #readysetlink

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    • When they are young, and even now with Miyah being one, babywearing is the best thing. They have spent the past 9 months inside you, to come out of that comfort and i can imagine how scared they must be. to be close and to hear a heartbeat again must reassure them so much


  2. I love slings and wore both my kids. My first until she was 18 months and I was 7 months pregnant and my second until he was around the same age. Unfortunately he doesn’t like to by slung anymore, preferring to walk everywhere instead!

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  3. I never had the confidence to try baby wearing with my daughter but is definitely something I would like to look more into next time, there seems to be a lot more support available now with lots of sling libraries and sling meet ups #lgrtstumble

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  4. I do baby wear, I got a connecta carrier and its amazing, Miyah was so tiny! Robin was 5lbs 8 at birth and I prefered wearing her than having her in the pram

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