HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! My baby is 1! 1 year update.

Today, my baby is 1.

A year ago today, I gave birth to my tiny 5lb 9oz baby.

A year ago today, I became a mum to two gorgeous girls.

Miyah Anne Elizabeth.


Happy Birthday Miyah. My little dribble monster.


Miyah hasn’t really progressed much since her 10 month for words, although she does day ‘Daddy’ now. Other than that she just screams and shouts babbles!



Miyah has been trying lots of different, new and exciting new foods. For example, avocado and introducing her to different types of sauces and meat. She still has a few jars now and again, and has a love for quavers and carrot crisps. She loves bananas and jam! She is a piggy and is she wanted can eat all day. She still has quite a few bottles a day and loves her night time bottles.


Miyah is now WALKING! Yaaaay! She takes a few steps here and there and only walks to me. She is getting more confidant everyday and it wont be long before she is off! She is also a speedy crawler and all you have to do is blink and she is on the other side of the room. She walks along anything she can get a hold off, she just needs that little bit of extra confidence to walk on her own.


We have had to get stair gates as she can climb the stairs, and we have had to put everything up higher because she can now grab stuff and as any normal baby- it goes straight in her mouth!

Sleep Routine;

Unfortunately, Miyah has been struggling lots at night time with her teething, which means me and Miyah and up most nights, playing between the times of 1am and 5am. We have tried so much to help relieve the pain but the only thing that seems to work is teetha sachets and cuddles. When she is not struggling as much, she can sleep all night, which I can cope with!


I don’t understand at all in my head how my tiny 5lb 9oz baby is one. It only feels like yesterday she was first placed on my chest and i got my first cuddle, and smelled that first newborn smell!


Until next time,

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