Armor All Review.


Armor All Review.

About the company.

It all started in 1962 with a “miracle formula” created by a not-so-mad scientist to protect rubber, plastic, and vinyl from UV rays and ozone. Today, with over 50 years of innovation, they’re proud to be the industry leader with a vast array of car care products.

What he received.

Armor all Interior car care kit with a free micro-fibre cloth included. Contain 4 products.


His review:

I got sent this car cleaning kit from Armor All to review. I opened up the package to find a pack of Glass cleaning wipes(non smear), Leather cleaning wipes, an all purpose spray, a protectant gloss finish spray, and finally a free microfiber cloth.

I started by letting the car get a bit dirtier than normal just to give it a really good test and put it through its paces, I was pleasantly surprised as it worked better than I thought it would have.

I started with the glass wipes, cleaned the windscreen, windows and all of the inside mirrors, I have never come across a better non smear ,wipe than these, it dried quickly and never left a single mark on any of the windows or mirrors.

Next I used the protectant gloss finish (after dusting) on the dashboard, centre console, door cards(plastic parts), and just behind the steering wheel(not the actual wheel as this can be dangerous). It brought all of the parts described to a very polished look, it made it look brand new as it had just come out of the factory, bear in mind my car is 14 years old with 180000 miles on the clock so it has enough wear on it.

Lastly i used the all purpose cleaner to clean my very muddy mats, and i must say one wipe was all it took to get the mud off. its a very powerful cleaner, and you do not need much of it at all, it also brought my mats up to a nice shine (i don’t have standard fabric mats, i have a plastic set)

Unfortunately as my car doesn’t have leather seats I could not test the leather wipes but if anyone brought this set and didn’t have leather car seats but had a leather sofa you could always use them on that.

I would buy this product as it is not just for using in the car, there are many other uses for it around the house, got a dirty mirror? use the glass wipes, ran out of polish or side cleaner? use the all purpose cleaner, need something to look brand new and glossy? use the gloss protectant  It really is versatile so don’t think that it is just for cars, if you can think of a use it will do it, there are really no limits.

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