Prestige Flowers Review.


About The Company.

They are an online flower delivery service based in the UK that pride their selves on customer satisfaction. They are able to deliver flowers to every corner of the UK.

What I Received.


Rose & Lilly Bouquet with a box of chocolates, a teddy and a vase!

Prestige Flowers.

My Review.

Where do I even start with this gorgeous bouquet? The packaging was perfect, in a box very clearly labelled which way it needs to be kept. The flowers are stunning and smelt amazing. They had enough water supply at the bottom until they reached me. There was a box of chocolates and a beautiful soft teddy aswell.

There where clear instructions on how to care for the flowers and very detailed. I really liked this, because I really struggle keeping flowers alive, and these has lived longer than any I have had before.

Over all I really like these and would use Prestige Flowers and would definitely order from here whenever I need flowers!

Until next time,

Review (1)

*I was gifted these products in exchange for a review, all thoughts and opinions are my own, if you would like to contact me regarding a product or to work together, please email me on*


    • I love having flowers in the house but to be completely honest, for a long time I haven’t liked them becauae they always seemed to die quickly on me. Using the instructions and with them being so detailed they lived longer than I thought!


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