My Skin Care Routine.

Since the new year, I promised myself that I would take better care of my skin. So I took to YouTube and Reviews.

With countless hours watching and reading, I finally took the plunge to go to the shops to find some products to use on my night time skin routine. I have very sensitive skin so I have to be very careful when picking out products to use. Even sensitive skin products can be harmful. I will come out in a big red hot rash and it stings my face for a good few days.

Since we swapped our rooms with Rosie’s (So she could have more space to play) i have felt even more motivated to stay in a routine before bed. I’m unsure why a new bedroom as made me do this, but our new bedroom as literally changed the way i do things for my routine. I have 2 shelves; one is a smaller cubed one low down so I have my lamp, candles and books on and the one above I have a few pictures, and all my products on. I feel having this right next to me instead of scattered around has also improved my motivation. (I think its because I don’t have to move as much to do it… how lazy of me haha!)

Back to topic, Since Michael has started work we have been going to bed around 9:30pm, and this starts with us getting into bed around 8pm. I will get into my PJs, and get my products ready. I light my candles to make the room smell great, I tie my hair back and take my glasses off. I clean my face using Garnier Skin Naturals Simply Essentials 2 in 1 make up remover and cotton wool pads. I always make sure all my make up if off and I leave my face to dry. While my face is drying I use Nivea Irresistibly smooth body lotion to moisturise my legs and arms and flutter hand cream to moisturise my hands. Once my face is dry I use the Nivea again to moisturise my face and then I brush my hair.

Once a week, I use a face mask to have a proper relax and I usually Quick Fix Facials, Calming Clay Mask (Sensitive & Red Skin). This for me is perfect, and I love this. It really does make my face smooth and I can definitely see a difference since using it. Since being in my routine I have found myself a lot more relaxed at night time and I don’t know if this is because of my routine, but I always sleep better. I think it’s because i am not on my phone and I am relaxing. I am always open to finding out about new face care products, and if you know any good oils, please let me know below! I am yet to find the right oil.

Do you have a night care routine? Let me know what it is below!

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  1. Where is the Flutter hand cream from? I bought Nivea Q10 day and night creams before Xmas with good intentions of using them regularly, I think I’ve used them about 0 times altogether lol. But you may have just inspired me to start again and properly! x

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  2. I’ve sensitive skin too so I completely get what you mean, I’ve to be very careful when trying new products. Also your routine sounds amazing! I use a facial oil from L’OrΓ©al, you can use it on its own but I prefer to mix it with my foundation x

    New Lune |

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