Tips for Travelling with a Toddler!

Travelling can be hard for everyone. Uncomfortable and long ass drives! Travelling with toddlers can make any parent’s eye roll! Here are some of my tips, on keeping a toddler happy on a longer than usual road trip!


Make it fun for them!

Pack their favourite CD’s and have a massive jam to Elsa, and the Trolls soundtracks! Get them laughing and singing!

Pack Snacks!

Always pack snacks for the child to nibble on, throughout. No one can ever go wrong with snacks.

Bring a potty/Stop for toilet breaks ASAP!

If like me, you have a child that when they need a wee, the can’t hold it till the next service; a potty would be perfect for these situations.

Bring a blanket.

For the extra long journeys you want to bring on of their favourite blankets in case they would like to nap. Gives you a little bit of peace!

Do you have any tips for travelling with a toddler?

Until next time,

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  1. I hate travelling with the kids, the arguments in the back and then they get bored, Kai likes to ‘drive’ the car and Amelia gets annoyed at him and then Robin will kick up such a fuss but our main issue is that they get travel sick so we end up car spotting and singing to pass our time, anything that requires looking down just causes a ‘uuuggghh i dont feel well’ from the back haha

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