Child’s Farm.


Child’s Farm.

About the Products.

At Child’s Farm, we have re-written the rule book. We only use the best, naturally derived ingredients & fresh smelling essential oils to make milk, kind and safe products for babies and children. We believe that every child should feel happy in their skin -even it’s sensitive or eczema prone – so all our products are suitable for everyone even newborn babies. We call this our Happy Skin Promise™. At Child’s Farm we are committed to being the best choice for your family, from birth on wards, which is why we make sure all our products are dermatologist and paediatrician approved. So if you agreed that bath time should be worry free and fun, its time to change. It’s time to join our skincare revolution.

The products i was sent.

Child’s Farm hand wash- 500ml. (Grape Fruit & Organic Tea Tree)

Child’s Farm bubble bath- 500ml.(organic raspberry extract)

Child’s Farm baby shampoo- 250ml. (fragrance free)

Child’s Farm Hair Detangler- 150ml. (Grapefuit & Organic Tea Tree)

Hair Brush.

My Review Of The Products.

Let me telllll you! These products smell divine. I was so chuffed when i was approached by Child’s Farm. I firstly tried the Detangler Spray with Rosie’s hair, as well as using the brush. I sprayed a generous amount over Rosie’s hair and parted to brush. Brushing Rosie’s hair is a chore because of how tight the curls can be, and they get very tangled easy so we take brushing it a bit easy some days. The detangler spray worked brilliantly on her hair and made it so much easier to brush and the brush is also smooth on Rosie’s head. One thing i did notice was that when i started brushing Rosie’s hair- the curls dropped down for a bit leaving her with longer looking hair, but it soon bounced back. I’m hoping one day that they do drop and leave her hair curly but growing down instead of a mess on top of her head haha! The Baby Shampoo i tried on Miyah and usually, im using Johnson’s Baby Shampoo, this leaves her with the newborn baby smell but not quite a soft head, after trying the Child’s Farm Baby Shampoo Miyah’s very little hair was very soft, although it didn’t leave the smell i like, it did leave her head very soft. For their baths i have been using the Bubble Bath and we love it. It produces a decent amount of bubbles and leaves the girls soft and smelling lovely. I, myself used the hand wash and i really liked it. Suffering from Eczema for a long time, i find it very hard to find a hand wash which doesn’t cause me a reaction and Child’s Farm, does that. Overall we as a household loved these products and would definitely buy again.

I would like to thank Child’s farm for sending me these amazing products.

You can find Child’s Farm’s website HERE.

Until next time,

Review (1)

**I was sent these products in exchange for an honest review. All thought’s and opinions are my own. All photo’s taken are done by myself and if you wish to use them please contact me:**





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  1. Britt | Alternatively Speaking says:

    Anything that makes bathtime better is a win in my book!
    Britt |

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