My New Years Resolutions.


From our first Christmas is our first ‘house’, to the birth of Miyah, to moving and getting the pet I’ve wanted for 4 years… 2017 has been a crazy and I have made so many promises to myself that next year I will change a few things. As it got closer to 2018, I had a few things i decided I would like to achieve, and i’m going to share them with you now!


By the end of 2018 i would like to have a decent amount of money saved back for a rainy day and some money in my Help To Buy ISA. All i have wanted for a very long time is to make sure my children would have something to fall back on if the worst was to happen. This year- i plan on achieving to start that.

Slimming World.

This time next year, i would love to reach my goal weight with slimming world. I started sharing my journey with you all and i will carry on to do so. I hope to loose around 2 stone in a year.


I am hoping to have passed my practical test this time next year. I passed my theory test first time and when i took my test before i failed. That knocked me back so much and i have been terrified ever since. This is the goal im most determined to get.


In the new year, i would love to be able to keep a track of things and stick to appointments. This has been really hard for me in the past because of my anxiety. For Christmas my mother got me a calendar that i can organise everyone’s days with. So far i have written everything in January including my other half’s work diary. I would love to get better at this, so i don’t miss out on anything important.

do you have any goals for 2018? let me know below!

until next time,


  1. I love the organizer! I feel like I haven’t been able to keep up with much since adding a second child to our family… so I hope to make time to get things situated and start scheduling things like I used to!

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