Christmas Traditions, around the world and in my house.

Right so, i know Christmas is different for everyone. But come on, who doesn’t love having a sneak peak into what happens in other homes at this time of year? I love learning about different traditions and how other people celebrate.

Let start with different houses, here are a few traditions some fellow bloggers have in their homes!


Lyndsey says: We open our presents at midnight on Christmas Eve so that we can spend our time with our daughter. It’s been tradition in my family for years. As we got into our teens we did this so we could watch younger cousins with their presents on the big day. You can find Lyndsey’s twitter here and her blog here.

Lianne says: We visit everyone Xmas eve so we can chill and spend time as a family on Xmas day – we wake up have presents and a nice breakfast and then the little ones play and I make Xmas diner and then we play board games and have a buffet in the evening. You can find Lianne’s blog here.

Vicki says: The children’s stockings are left, filled at the end of their beds, by Santa. One of our favourite traditions is when they wake on Christmas morning and come running into our room dragging their stockings with them. They explore the contents of their stockings on our bed … I absolutely love this start to Christmas Day – it’s heart warming and magical . You can find Vicki’s Blog here and her twitter here.

Sinead says: Presents are left until after dinner (but before pudding!). All started because my parents were landlords for 25 years so we always worked Xmas day; with our own Xmas not really beginning until we’d fed and watered everyone else. keeps the excitement going a little longer and is a great break between all the eating! You can find Sineads blog here.

Jenni Says: We open most of our Christmas presents on Christmas Eve, as is the custom in Germany where I’m originally from. On Christmas Day, first thing we do is inspect our stockings, which Santa has filled with a few extra things, then we always have a full cooked Scottish breakfast! (my husband is Scottish). I blogged about out ‘double Christmas’ last year, if you want fuller details, you can read here. You can find Jenni’s twitter here.

We have recently started a tradition, as this will be our 3rd full Christmas together as a full family and our first with Miyah!

Our Tradition starts the on Christmas Eve. We all snuggle up before bed with a duvet and hot chocolate- watching a Christmas movie. After the movie has finished we plate up everything for Santa and his Reindeer and off to bed we go! When we wake up, we watch Rosie open her stocking and head downstairs to see if Santa has been! We see if Rosie wants any breakfast but by this time she is so excited she will probably stop half way through to eat haha! We put on some Christmas music and we all open our presents. Rosie is very slow at this so could take a while haha! After we have all opened our presents we tidy up and get dressed! We may have a cheeky chocolate or two. Around 11 o clock, we head to the pub nearest us and meet Michaels family for a drink and a socialise before heading home and having our Christmas dinner. As usual and as it always will be, Michael cooks our 3 course dinner and by the time its done, we are bloody stuffed and can’t move. Rosie will go off to play with her new toys and me and Michael will tidy up.Around 5:30/6 Rosie will go her dads house till boxing day night and me and Michael chill in the evening.  This year is different! This year we have Michael’s brother round for dinner and in the evening Michaels parents are coming round for a drink. I’m extremely looking forward this year.

How does Christmas go in your house?

Until next time,

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  1. I love that you gave us a chance to read other peoples traditions! So interesting. On Christmas Eve, we meet with a bunch of family at my aunts house. Christmas morning is when we open gifts and prepare for a very large dinner! I can’t believe how quickly this month flew by!

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  2. Our tradition is definitely a little different from most people simply due to the fact that my family is so far away. We celebrate Christmas Eve here with my husband’s family. After a good sleep, we wake up and open gifts with the pups (my dogs LOVE opening gifts haha) and then we hop in the car for a solid 6 hours of driving with the dogs. We always stop at the first Tim Hortons for hot chocolate and turn on the radio so we can sing along with the Christmas music together (although my husband won’t admit to singing along lol). Christmas with my family is on Boxing Day.
    Britt |

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  3. We haven’t really got any Chrsitmas traditions apart from we always have Chrsitmas dinner at my partners Grandparents where all his family meet. Next Chrsitmas when our son is here I intend to start some lovely Christmas traditions for us to carry on as a family through the years!
    Much love, Caitylis x x

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  4. Our one main tradition is waiting until Christmas Eve to watch Muppets Christmas Carol, it’s hard to avoid it but so wonderful when the children watch it 🙂 love your little tradition x

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