ERA Natur Products.


ERA Natur Review.

About the company:

Era Natur is a company that sells cutting edge cosmetic products created on a basis using herbal extracts and minerals. They are passionate about using products for personal hygiene and cosmetics made with natural ingredients with minimal chemistry.


The products i was sent:

I was sent 3 products; a hydrating face cream(40ml) & a moisturising body repair lotion(200ml) & Toddlers tangerine toothpaste.


My review on the products:

Where do i start? I have always been so hesitant on trying to skin care products because i am allergic to literally everything and anything but i thought i would give these a try after reading their website. Unfortunately, Rosie who is a very picky girl wouldn’t put the toothpaste anywhere near her mouth. The moisturisers on the other hand, let me tell you!! I started slowly and did a patch test under my arm with both of them and i instantly fell in love with the smell. I wish i could let you smell them. You can really smell the melon and cucumber. When the patch test proved it wouldn’t cause me a reaction, i had a shower and lotioned my arms and legs with the repair lotion. At first it does seem kinda oily, but once you get past that and carry on rubbing it is it is pure amazing. It makes your skin feel so silky after and i can really see a difference when using these products. My skin looks and feels more hydrated and it leaves me smelling so nice! I also have been applying the face cream every night and it smells exactly the same as the lotion but it is a bit oilier than the lotion so it takes a little long to rub in, but in my honest opinion that is a small sacrifice for these products.

Over all i loved these products and i would definitely recommend to anyone who is in need of a new skin care product or two.

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