Slimming World Journey #3

Im on week 6, but last week i could not weigh 😞 because of an awful sickness bug!

This week i am determined to do better, i couldn’t weigh last week because i was very poorly. You can read about it here if you want!

Okay so here’s how my week has gone:

Tuesday!: Tuesday I was still recovering from the bug that everyone seemed to have caught. Anything that stayed down was a bonus, so i didn’t really stick to plan. Although i did make chicken soup for dinner! There was lots of speed veg. I also got my Christmas present early!! I got my Fit Bit Charge, and setting it all up was very exciting!! Tuesday, was a day lots of rest and lots water. I think i was just hoping we would all be better soon. Boy was I wrong with that! πŸ˜–

While still recovering, I had eaten things with the hope they stayed down, so I didn’t stay on plan and it was more carbs and heavy foods that stayed down. This lasted all the way to Thursday where I had a semi on plan day Friday and Saturday I got tonsillitis so I couldn’t even swallow. Just my luck.

I wS ready to just see what the scales say and draw a line in the sand. That’s all I could say right then 😐

I had a wonderful day Monday where I only had 5.5 syns and stayed on plan ALL day! Result! πŸ˜‚ I also did some walking so I’m praying that helps with the blow of the weigh in. I made hunters chicken for tea with broccoli dry fried rice😍

Tonight I plan to sit down and make a full on plan, that I will stick too each day to make sure I stay on plan! I will also use my Fitbit to make sure I do at least 10,000 steps a day. Christmas is coming and no doubt I will find a dress I would like to wear! My goal before Christmas is to fit a size 12 dress! (I’m currently a size 14 as much as that pains me to tell you! πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)

Weight last weigh: 11st 10lbsWeight this week: 11st 8lbs Loss/ gain: 😱😱2lb😱😱

What the fuck guys? Excuse my language haha but I’m shocked!!!!!

Until next week!


  1. It’s never good when you are sick and dieting, but going into the new week with a positive mind really helps! I love my Fitbit! I wear it on my ankle so it counts my steps when I push the buggy

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