The Boyfriend (Fiance) Tag.

I came across this tag on my lovely friend Caitlys blog!

You can read Caitly’s post here. I mean, who doesn’t love a goods tag? and Caitly’s post is just fab, so make sure you check her’s out too!

Michael and I have been together for 4 years, with a rocky start we are here today with a little house and we have Miyah!


The questions I asked him:

Where did we meet?


Where was our first kiss? What was it like?

In my cousins back garden (not true), good.

What is my blog about?

Family life, mainly kids.

What could I eat every day if I could?

Do I have to pick one thing?

Do I have any weird obsession, if so what?

Biting my children’s nails.

What annoys you the most about me?

Biting your fingernails.

What do you want the most?

My family to be happy.

What do I want the most?

Your family to be happy.

😂He genuinely got some irate doing this with me, he’s such a dickhead😂

17308900_1897532630518359_7005477695108610782_n Until next time,

Becca x


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