Getting ready for Christmas tips!

You must be thinking… Christmas.. what is she talking about? Crazy woman! But i love to organised and knowing i have everything done! Here is my tips for getting ready for the big day!

Christmas can be an extremely stressful time for anybody, trying to make things perfect and it make sure everyone is happy. So i have come up with some tips to help you stay stress free and have a wonderful Christmas.

  • Early present buying! I know this may be tough for some people but i find that buying early makes it so much easier in the long run. Coming up to Christmas, prices start to rise and you start paying crazy amounts for that last minute gifts. Save yourself money and start early!
  • Handmade decorations can be a great for spending time with your little ones and can be some great Christmas presents building up to the big day.
  • Look around for the best price on meat. Lots of different butchers do a Christmas package and could save you money when you go to stock up at Tesco.
  • Don’t decorate to early. I made this mistake last year and i got bored of Christmas by the time it came over.

Do you have any tips of getting read for Christmas?

Until next time,

Becca x


  1. I agree with the don’t decorate to early, I want a real tree this year and I don’t want to get it on the first or it will be annoying hah, shop early too is a good one! We’ve just done our shop and still not finished

    Great post x


  2. I’ve started buying my gifts already, but I love finishing it off and wrapping when Xmas is in full swing! Funnily enough I’m looking at local butchers now and am going to buy a Christmas meat box!

    Love Christmas and love your post 🎅❤

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