Mum Guilt, I’m sorry.

Every mum feels guilt, for little minor things.

I’m sorry,

“For all the things I’ve done, for all the times I’ve messed up.”

Mum guilt is something that happens to a lot of mums. It means:

It’s most often called “mommy guilt” because we moms tend to berate ourselves—and be judged by others—for our child rearing, but fathers experience this guilt as well. It comes with the territory of being a parent.

It is completely normal to feel this way, and it can make you feel like the worst parent in the world, it can sometimes last for days on end.

Before i had children, when seeing parents getting upset about leaving their children at nursery or not wanting to go to work would make me think.. ‘Well why? I would jump at the chance for a few hours off.’

My first Mum Guilt was the first night Rosie was born. She had very bad colic and she would not stop screaming. She must have screamed for about 5 hours before i gave up and asked a nurse for help. I was extremely tired from a 3 day labour and i just wanted to rest. The nurse took over and Rosie instantly settled. The nurse took her with her for a bit. I couldn’t fall asleep for about an hour because i just felt so guilty. Like what did i do wrong? Was i really a bad mum before i even had the chance to try. I cried and eventually fell asleep. I woke up a couple hours later with the over whelming urge to not leave her. She wasn’t allowed to go to anyone else and I had to settle her every time to make sure she knew that I was her mum. Looking back in it now, I realise how silly it was. But then: it was a massive surge of guilt that just took over me.


  1. I can so relate…it’s feels like mummy guilt gets born instantly with the child. We love them but sometimes needs some alone time as well (and try to relax).

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  2. Mom guilt is one of the most difficult things about being a parent!! I never expected to feel guilty over many of the things I do before I became a mother.
    Sometimes it can be a good thing though, because I think it shows just how much we love our children. 🙂 -Ashley

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  3. When I delivered my daughter I kept her in the room all day and night because I didn’t want to leave her side! But this time with my son I would call the nurse even in the middle of the night to come grab him because I was SO tired! The Mom guilt will always be there but we have to do what’s best for us to be a good mom to them ❤️

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  4. I think its completely normal to experience it, I remember my first pang of mum guilt when we went to a family party without my first born and I felt so bad xx

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