Cubbies teddy bear (Review.)

Cubbies are a website that let you send personalised teddies for any occasion!

Cubbies kindly sent me this wonderful teddy with All of Miyah’s birth details on. I have always wanted to get one for the girls and i thought this review would be perfect in finding out if i should go with the same company for Rosie.


When i was ordering the bear, i sent all the details and was told to leave it with them, so i did. I expected the bear to take a little while to come in the post because they had to put the details on but to my surprise- it arrived in 5 days. It was packaged well and of course, i got it in great time


The teddy it’s self is very soft! i couldn’t believe it. I must have sat touching it with Miyah for a while because it was so soft. the teddy it’s self isn’t very huge but it isn’t small. It’s the right size for children. Miyah loved having a cuddle with this, she has a little habit of rubbing her nose on anything when she is tired and she has found this to be the perfect thing.


The writing on the bear is amazing, i love the colours and the font of the writing is just right. It doesn’t feel rough and everything is correct. I love the little pictures of the feet and the heart. They really add to the design.


Over all i really love this teddy and i think it would be the perfect gift for someone for any occasion.

You can find the Cubbies website here:

Until next time,

Becca x


  1. This is so cute! I had one made for my daughter on her first birthday. She the entire teddy bear is fluffy so the writing was done on its foot ๐Ÿ˜Š

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