After birth essentials, for yourself.

For every new mum, getting things for yourself is hard at it is, because call you want to do is get everything cute and small for your baby. Here are my after birth essentials that will hopefully help other mums!

Obviously, a few days after birthing your little bundle of joy and squishy loveliness your body will need some loving. It is VERY important to look after yourself so you are well too.

My first item is comfy clothes! These are a godsend for those first intense days. You don’t want anything that clings and something easy to take on and off. I recommend leggings and joggers a with a nice fluffy dressing gown for those days where you just don’t want to go out.

I was totally in love with my water bottle for a while after. Especially if you’re breastfeeding you will notice a massive urge for a drink. Get some easy to open and close and one that will make the water last.

I found my Hot water bottle a godsend for those painful afterbirth cramps. You could even try a cool pack if the hot water bottle doesn’t work.

For me- my breast feeding pillow worked wonders and it wasn’t used just for feeding. I would use that to help me get comfortable with Miyah when she was asleep so she was safe and I could *semi* relax with a tiny newborn. (She also uses it now as a guide for sitting up😩)

Do you have anything that you couldn’t live without when you had your LO? Let me know what it was the comments x<<<<<<<<<

Becca x


  1. I agree with the water bottle, while I didn’t breastfeed I was so thirsty it was unreal! I will add having your nappy changing bag all stocked up, I used to fill mine up with all that I needed during the day so I didn’t have to keep getting up and hurting my healing body


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