Make your own unicorn review.

Making your own unicorn with Rosie-belle (Review).

We was sent a lovely craft to do from Faye at

At the start i thought it was a ‘paint your own unicorn’ and thought it would be perfect for Rosie. When it arrived i found out it was a special playdoh that hardens and can bounce. I was even more excited haha!


It included, different coloured moulding playdoh, a spatula type thing & some glitter.


Unfortunately, my camera died after doing this post and i lost all photos of it being made. I have a picture of the finished product.

It took roughly 40 minutes to make all together and the girls loved trying to mould each piece like the pictures where. The doh was a bit hard to shape but they worked through and where very happy with their finished product. They even had some left over to play with.

Here is the finished product:


We had a lot of fun making it and we would like to thank Faye for sending it too us.

You can buy your own here.

Until next time,


*Products have been exhancged for an HONEST review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

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