A day in the life of a Mother, guest series. Nicola’s day.

Today we have Nicolas story who shares with us her day with Alex and Alba!

A Day In The Life.

Hi I’m Nicola a stay at home mummy to Alex who is 22 months old. I cannot believe that he will soon be 2. Where does the time go. We live in central Scotland along with my hubby David and our 3 years old pup Alba.

I am a disabled mother with multiple chronic illnesses and well as a visual impairment. I have bad days and good days in terms of pain which means our days aren’t as fun filled as I would like. I used to beat myself up about this but alex is happy, healthy and learning so I’m not going to be down on my abilities as a mother.

Alex wakes any time from 5:30am to 7am. He either shouts on us from his bed or will stand at the baby gate and shout. Usually his daddy will go get him (mornings for me are really hard in terms of pain and stiffness). He’ll come in beside us for a little sleepy snuggle. David will get up and shower, leaving alex and I to watch some morning tv. CBeebies is our channel of choice, or he will get some time on the tablet, we have a limit of 45 minutes a day which lets him play with learning app. His favourites are ABC Kids, My Caterpillar, BBC Iplayer Kids and YT Kids.

We will get up about 7:20am once David gets out the shower, I’ll do the usual bathroom necessities and change alex’s nappy and get him dressed for the day. Although some days we will lounge in our pjs till about mid morning.

Breakfast time varies from day to day. It can be any time between 7:30am to 8am. It will usually be toast with a cup of milk or water. On the odd occasion alex will get Rice Krispies. Sometimes he will have a yoghurt as well.

David will take Alba out then come back and make me some tea and toast (he’s a good one). Both alex and Alba will watch me expectantly hoping to get some of my toast. What is it about other people’s toast tasting better than your own?

Once David leaves for work, Alex will watch a little more TV whilst I check my phone notifications and social media. Once I’m caught up with the world, it’s time to play. We will either stay in the living room or go into Alex’s bedroom where we will normally play with his Toot Toot garage and cars, his building blocks or his little train set. He is really content playing himself, which lets me get the kitchen tidied a little, or put a washing on, then I will go back to see what he’s up to. He does this thing where he pats the floor when he wants me to sit next to him and play. Not everyday but now and again he will go get his favorite books which are Room On The Broom and Peace At Last sit on my lap and I will read them to him. I’m hoping that he is going to be a bookworm like his daddy but not having his head in a book all the time!

Nap time ranges from 11am to 2pm. Depending on what time he gets up in the morning he will nap before lunch which is normally from 11am to 1pm or after lunch with is about 1pm to 3pm. I will sometimes nap with him as he likes falling asleep lying in our bed and he is just so snuggly it’s hard not to fall asleep with him. Today the day I wrote this he wanted to go through to the room at 11am but refused to nap so we got back up and he fell asleep after lunch.

Lunch is usually at 12pm (if he’s not napping). I usually eat the same as him, it makes it easier for me to cook and I can’t do anything to elaborate, We will have a toastie with ham and cheese, or his new favorite is a tortilla wrap with cheese toasted in the panini machines, it makes the wrap nice a crispy. He will then have some grapes, or clementines then another yoghurt.

If nap was after lunch we will get up about 3pm which is when I will give him a little snack, unload the washing machine, tidy up lunch and probably put on another wash.

Alex will play again in the living room or his bedroom, which is just off the living room so it is easy to keep an eye on him. He will sometimes chase alba and try and give her, her toy which normally ends in fits of giggles. It is the best sound I have ever heard and I hope that they never stop playing together and that there bond will grow and grow.

Dinner time is family time, we will all eat at the table together, usually eating the same food as again it is easier to make one thing rather than two or three different things. Favorites are cottage pie, fish and chips. Meatballs and pasta or lasagne. Alex is good at feeding himself, well apart from using spoons we haven’t got that down yet, but we are getting there.

Once dinner is out the way and the table is cleared, it is daddy and alex time, I will go rest as I’m either in so much pain or so tired that I need a lie down. David will get Alex showered, ready for bed, play with him and then give him some milk, read to him and put him to bed, this can take anything up to an hour, depending on how many times Alex tries to climb out of his bed.

Alex’s bedtime is usually my bed time as well, I don’t go to sleep then but I get my jammies on and climb into bed, read a book, write or play some games.

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Until next time,

Becca x

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