The Day In The Life of a Mum, Guest Post. Pnina’s day.

This week, on my guest series: The Day In The Life of a Mum, we have Pnina’s who shares her day with us!

I wake up at 6am with a slap to my face. That’s my 5 month old’s way of saying good morning Mommy, after a long sleepless night of teething (him) & crying (him and me). Up and at ’em.

My 9 and 5 year old wake up around 7am and walk into the living room with their iPads in their hands. I take them away and send them to brush their teeth.

With a baby on the hip pulling at my braid, I bend into the freezer and pull out the bag of frozen waffles to throw in the toaster. Breakfast is ready. Hmm… nutritious.

Around 8 I give up the fight with the iPads and let them play while I give the baby a bottle with sounds of battle coming from one iPad game and an incessant noise coming from the other.

Needing to get them out of the house, at 9am I get their bathing suits out and tell them to get dressed. I’m met with cheers so one point for mommy! I go into the bedroom to wiggle myself into my own bathing suit (ugh), get a swim diaper and a bathing suit on the baby and start packing the bag.

Towels – check.

Sunscreen – check.

“Are you guys dressed yet”? I scream while packing. “No!” The shout simultaneously. “Get dressed now!” I continue packing.

Water, fruit and sandwiches- check.

Goggles – check.

Pool toys – check.

Then I go to pack the baby’s bag with bottles and formula, extra swim diapers and some toys. I get back in the living room and one boy is dressed in his suit while the other has moved closer to his but it’s still laying on the rug. “Get dressed already”, I say exasperatedly.

Then … I smell it. The baby has pooped in his swim diaper. Ugh.

By 10:30 am (an hour and a half since we started getting ready) we’re finally out the door. Phew!

10:45 am we get to the pool. Smear them all in sunscreen get their goggles on and in they go! Finally. I sit in the shade with the baby in his stroller watching my two boys and relaxing. Ha, yeah right. 10 minutes in, baby starts crying, he’s hungry. I make him a bottle and start to feed him. Older kids screaming “watch me” and “tell him not to splash me”!

At 11:45 am kids ask me to come play in the water so in I go with the baby, avoiding splashes from all around.

1:30 pm I get them out and wrap them in their towels for lunch. I feed the baby again entertaining them on the grass for a few minutes until they can go back in the water after eating.

5pm time to go home. I give them a 5 minute warning around 5 times… half an hour later, they’re finally out of the water.

6pm we finally get back home exhausted. Maybe just I’m exhausted though. Baby needs to eat again so I order in dinner because I’m way too tired to cook and they’re starving RIGHT NOW. It won’t be the most nutritional day, but some days are like that. I slice up some veggies and make it better.

7:30 pm they get in the showers. I help my 5 year old rinse shampoo out of his hair while the baby is babbling in his stroller. PJs on and in their room by 8:30. Its summer vacation, so I let them stay up later than usual but they have to be in their rooms. My husband gets home from work and the kids come running out their room to say goodnight to daddy and tell him all about their day… in length. By 9:15 pm they’re back in their room. Good night!

I give the baby a bath while he kicks and enjoys the water (creating a little flood in the bathroom for me to clean later) and then I give him a bottle and lay him in bed. Ah, so angelic.

At around 10:00 pm, I walk by the big boys’ room to shut off the light and make sure they go to sleep and I see my 9 year old reading a book to my 5 year old. I don’t let them see me but I keep watching how adorable they are. They too are so angelic. I give them goodnight kisses and shut off the light.

Now for some peace and quiet to get some work done while my beautiful angels sleep. 10:15 pm I sit down at the computer to work and then… it begins. “Mommy, I’m thirsty”. “Mommy, can you tuck me in again”? Mommy, I’m thirsty again”. Where are those angels?! Ugh.

A little after midnight, I get some work done and manage to take a quick shower myself and I go to bed. I walk by the boys’ room and see them sleeping. Ah, there are my angels again – sound asleep. I peek in the baby’s crib and see him quietly sucking on his pacifier in dreamland. Ah …

I get in bed and closed my eyes and then … waaaaaah. Here we go again.

You can find Pnina here:

Until next time,
Becca x


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