100 things to learn before you’re 10 (book review.)

“It will help you give your child what they really need so that they become happier, confident and self assured as they learn and grow to be well rounded adults”

I was sent an amazing book by ‘Gail Hugman’.


This books talks all about different things your children can learn away from the basics. I really enjoyed reading this book because it showed me parts i would have never imagined off. There are lessons like Time, The Bubble Strategy, & What children need to know about school.

It did take me a while to get into the book but once i managed to start, i couldn’t stop. The things are are mentioned are amazing and so incredibly helpful.


there are little hints and tips thrown in everywhere which i loved.

I give this book a 6/0. Fabulous to grow your knowledge and your children.

Until next time,

Becca x

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  1. meghannalicee says:

    ooh i might have to put that on my “bug when we decide to have a baby” list!!

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    1. meghannalicee says:

      buy* not bug 😂😂

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