Pasta Kidz Book Review (Book Number Two)

After i received and reviewed a lovely book from Bryony (which you can read here), she was kind enough to send me book number two, and it was just as amazing as the first!

Rosie absolutely loved getting her own mail again, she loved knowing that someone has sent something just for her. She sat with a massive smile of her face as she tore into the package. When she realised that it was ‘the same book as before’ she got very excited and wanted to read it straight away. I told her that we would wait for bedtime to read the story and she agreed.

Once we got home from a family get together, we got all ready into our PJ’s ready for bed and we settled down to read the story. Usually by this time Miyah is already asleep but she was wide awake so she was laid in bed cuddling Rosie while the story was read to them.

How cute are these photos though!!

Again, Rosie loved the book. She was so into it and would laugh at all their special words as we call them and told me all the different characters. She even asked if we could read book 3, so i had to explain that mummy has to buy book 3 on the internet!

again, another fabulous book which Rosie and even Miyah loved. I would recommend these books to anyone with children. They are so fun and the illustrations are brilliant.

Until next time,

Becca x

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  1. I had to go back to read about the book as the first time round I just got distracted by the cuteness of them cuddled up together! You know you are on to a winner with a book when she’s asking to read the next one

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  2. These photos are lovely! The book sounds great.

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  3. mummyemblog says:

    So cute cuddled up x

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  4. Ah look at her all cosy having a read! xx

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  5. It’s lovely to see kids getting excited for books! I think it’s really important for them to enjoy reading! 🙂 x

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