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Today we have Jess’s day, who shares what it is like being a prosecco loving mama

I jumped at the chance of doing a guest post for Becca’s “A day in the life…” series, then when she sent all the details through I thought ‘Shit, what DO I do?‘ It’s like that awkward moment when someone new asks what your job role is and you stumble to think of one thing that you do and you answer ‘Errrrr’, so as I sit down and compile what I do, I rack my brain for all the things that I tell my husband I do to warrant me having maternity leave. Because obviously the kids just entertain themselves from 9am-5pm. Ah, who am I even kidding? It’s more like 5am-9pm in our house.


Ok so I’m Jess, aka Prosecco Mum, and apparently I’m a responsible mother. I’m 34 but feel about 94 and currently spend my days chasing my threenage daughter Sofia around and mopping up sick from Arlo, my four month old, who is our second and definitely our last child. I’m currently on maternity leave.


Monday is my favourite day. Since I went back to work when Sofia was 7 months old our parents have alternated childcare and due to logistics, means an overnight stay on a Sunday, and they wanted to continue this even when I was on mat leave, bliss!

So, Monday morning comes round and currently Arlo and I wave daddy off to work about 7.30am and we chill for a while with not a nursery run (in trackies, no make up and hair slicked back) in sight!


We’re not a very routined family so a ‘typical’ day doesn’t often happen for us. But generally we’ll be up and I’ll try to be healthy as I plod along on my Slimming World journey – Monday’s depressing in the sense that I say goodbye to my weekend’s binge and hello to the overnight oats! The last few weeks I’ve started Baby Spin (no I don’t make Arlo do a workout whilst I sip coffee in the gym canteen, but hey that’s a thought….) so we’re up and out for that at 10.30, there’s 45 minutes of hell as my poor legs wonder why they’re not sat on the couch watching Katie Price- My Crazy Life, Teen Mom UK or The Real Housewives of Beverley Hills. I’ll then shuffle home like John Wayne minus cowboy, get showered and re-dressed and meet up with one of my part time working buddies for a natter and to watch them struggle with their three-going-on-thirteen year olds whilst I sit back thinking a four month old isn’t so bad after all.


In between this, I’ll have the washing machine on about four times, attempt the ironing pile, do a bit of work (I’m working a bit from home) and I’ll always find a reason to nip to the shops too….if only SMP wasn’t so measly, huh?  Now that Arlo’s four months old he’s really started to get to the stage where he’s more interactive and communicative so I try to fit some play time with him. Feeding is also a bit of an ordeal as Arlo’s a refluxer so we don’t have the luxury of throwing a bottle down his neck and heading straight out, but even with keeping him upright and little movement for 30 mins – I’m still covered in sick at least 90% of the time.  I’ll then plan and schedule some blogs and I spend far too much time on social media.

5pm comes and we receive an overtired, sugar loaded threenager back who pretends she’s so excited to see her brother that she just has to get him into a chokehold to show her love and miss for him…. and the chaos ensues. Dad strolls in about 6 and doesn’t even make it to the lounge to see us as he is excitedly dragged into the playroom – and he of course obliges, the pair of them have such a bond, he is wrapped so tightly round her little finger I don’t know how it hasn’t dropped off from lack of circulation.


The bedtime routine then begins from 6.30pm; they both have a splash in the bath, then husband tends to do teeth, wee, hide and seek and book with Sofia whilst I feed Arlo, silently praying he’ll just settle himself off in his cot and not give us the run around for over an hour. Quite recently, this has not been the case – who knows if it’s sleep regression but quite frankly it needs to regress off.

Stuart cooks for us and we grab a couple of childfree hours together (by this I mean we watch TV in silence, looking on our phones),  I’ll go to bed about 10 (often even earlier now Love Island’s over) and Arlo’s up between 3am-5am, a bottle and a fidget and hopefully back down until around 6.30ish when Sofia wanders in – usually ahead of the ‘allowed’ 7.03am GroEgg time. By ‘wander in’ I mean launching herself across the bed, screaming at the top of her lungs, squeezing Arlo’s cheeks and lifting him up (whether he’s asleep or not) and basically disturbs the peace until the nursery drop off and peace is restored for a few more hours.

Life at the Prosecco House is frantic and full on, but I wouldn’t change any of it for the world; except perhaps a lot more sleep and a little less chat back.


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