Making our own homemade pizzas.

I had a lovely day with my sisters and Rosie today, we made our home made pizza’s and they where yummy!

Tallulah & Gracie always try and come round once a week so i can spend some quality time with me. Today we made some pizza’s.

We got the ingredients and I cut them up to make sure they where manageable sizes. I also grated a HUGE amount of cheese and we all sat at the table to decorate.

We all covered our bases with tomato sauce and cheese, then we all chose what toppings we wanted.

Rosie went for : Pepperoni

Tallulah went for: Pepperoni & Chicken

Gracie went for: Chicken & Sweetcorn.

Michael went for: Chicken & Pepperoni.

Millie went for : Pepperoni & Chicken.

I went for: Chicken, Pepperoni, Sweetcorn & Tomato.

The girls loved decorating their pizzas and making it unique! They where really excited to try it!

Miyah sat back and watched while we made our masterpieces while eating bread sticks and we thought it would be nice for her to try some cheese. She loved it.

Here is before they were cooked.

Can you guess which is Millie’s? haha!

The girls waited patiently for it to be cooked and played while we did a tidy up, once cooked they sat down to try their homemade creations!

Success, they loved them! Definitely one to do again!


Until next time x

Becca x


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  1. Rachael says:

    Love the concentration on Michael’s face….x x

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