Pasta Kidz Book Review.

I was sent an amazing book from Bryony Supper for Rosie to read and tell me what she thought of it. We really enjoyed this book and i am defiantly going to be getting the next books.

Pasta Kidz is a children’s book of characters with names similar to different types of pastas. Rosie loved this and had a proper giggle at each name. I also thought this was a cool idea and teaches children different types of food and could potentially help them try different things.

Bryony sent the book addressed to Rosie and she was extremely excited to receive a piece of mail, this must be one of her favourite things and as soon as we received it, she wanted to read it right then. She loved looking at the posters and trying to say the words. She also loved the little message on the first page for her.

When it reached our ‘cool down time’ me and Rosie sat together and started to read the book. Rosie had already spent about 10 minutes having a good try of reading it and looking through the pictures. We had a sit down and got all snuggled in with her (Actually mine but kids) unicorn and we started.

Rosie absolutely loved it when i said some of the words, for example: “Spaga spoodle spo” she would giggle and try and repeat it. She always sat very still and listened very well, she usually gets bored half way through but this managed to bring her in. Something i always look for in a book.

As someone who LOVES books herself and has a lovely book collection, i have always wanted my girls to enjoy reading too. I always try to read to Rosie as much as i can, or tell her instead if watching telly to try and read a book. She usually sits and reads to her teddies. Although she cant read, she tends to make little stories up using the pictures which is also fab for her imagination.

I have also caught Rosie a few times sat reading to her teddies in the corner of the room which is always such a nice sight to see.

I am defiantly going to look into getting the next books, Rosie loved them and to be honest so did i. There was also a bit of a cliff hanger on the end which i’m super excited to see what happens haha!

I rate this book a 10/10. Great illustrations and a lovely thought about story line. Rosie loved it and so did i. Gave us some brilliant Rosie & Mummy time x

Until next time,

Becca x

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  1. What an excellent review! The book sounds great, will have to find some for Shaniah.


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