Rosie’s Carrot Plant. UPDATE Week 4.

Here is our update on week 4 of Rosie’s carrot growth.

So week 4, has shocked us even more than last week. The plants have sprouted even more and are starting to look quite good. You can see where all the leaf stems form to one for the top of the carrot and its actual really cool.

I’m sure its 12 week we have to leave them to grow.. but does anyone have any tips on when they should be ready to pick? I don’t wanna do it too early.

Here it is:


Doesn’t it look awesome.


P.S if you remeber i wrote about other plants in the first post ( You can read that here) they failed. I think i paid more attention to the carrots than the others. lol.

Until next time,

Becca & Rosie x


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  1. What a lovely activity! Hope you enjoy them when they’re big enough 🙂

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  2. This is so cute, I love getting the kids into the garden! xx

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  3. mummyemblog says:

    What a great little activity 🌱🥕

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