Our Saturday Party.

On Saturday we were invited by Michael’s father to join him at a company party. We had an awesome time and took some great pictures.

The party started at 1:30pm and it included food and a free bar! (Mummies favourite). There was also music, skittles and a bouncy castle for the kiddies to play on.

We arrived and got ourselves our first drink, Rosie was straight onto the bouncy castle and we sat and chilled for a little bit. The music was playing and people where arriving and having a good chat.

The food was great, there was a selection of burgers, sausages, chips and salads. Rosie chose some foods i never thought she would and she ate quite a bit before running off and playing with her new friends she has made. Michael and i where having drinks and having a chat about our wedding and having it up at the Golf Club (Where the party was being held) and then skittles started. Michael’s father played skittles while Rosie passed the balls to everyone, she is a gem!


After skittles had finished Miyah had got picked up by the babysitter and we were off to the golf green. Rosie really enjoyed this and took it in her stride, I think I may have a little golfer on my hands. She was telling everyone to watch her while she hit the ball and she would be amazed every time they went further than the last.

For the first time playing golf i was quite surprised. I did actually enjoy it and i found it easy to get into the swing (no pun intended) of things after Michael’s father had taught me how to stand and swing my arms.

Rosie was then picked up by her dad and Michael’s parents, Michael and i all enjoyed another drink before heading home. I had such a lovely day and i didn’t panic as much as i thought i would do. I would defiantly do it again and i am seriously thinking of getting Rosie golf lessons!

Here are the rest of the photos taken from the day.

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  1. Aaron says:

    Sounds like u had a great day , gutted I misssed it


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