10 baby names i love but wont use.

10 baby names i love but i will not use.

  • Charlotte. Charlotte is a name i have always loved, for a very very long time. When i got pregnant with Rosie it was the first name i wanted her to be called, but Rosie’s fathers cousin is called Charlotte and they are quite close.
  • Lily-Mai. Have you ever had a name that growing up you just called everything it? This was mine. I used to write letters to my future child Lily-Mai!
  • Alice-Ivy This is a name that I love but for some reason I don’t want to use on my children. It’s a gorgeous name.
  • Delilah. I would totally use this name if my mum didn’t want to call my sister it!
  • Poppy. I wouldn’t use poppy due to have a Rosie. Just doesn’t seem right having two flower names.
  • Alfie. Alfie is the same as Lily-Mai.
  • Alex. I love Alex. But in my own opinion I feel it’s too common.
  • Mason. Mason is such a unique name. But I feel since I started to like it it has been used more and more.
  • Timothy. Timothy is what we wanted to call Miyah if she was a boy.
  • James. James isn’t going to be a first name for my boy, it will be one of the middles.

Do you have any baby names you love but won’t use? Comment below!

Thanks for reading x

Mwah x

Becca x


  1. My problem is that I’m a writer and so I have so many names that I use for my characters, I don’t know what I would name children if I had any! But if I do have some names I won’t use for kids like you do, I’m sure they’ll end up in my writing!

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  2. Rosie: always loved the name Rosie and wanted to call my daughter this. My husband had said no due to him being called Jim so was worried people would sing Rosie and Jim coming down the road. Now I have a beautiful grandaughger called Rosie and she’s perfect x

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